The intro :)

Welcome to my blog where you can get the latest Everything Mistyfied news and projects.

The back story:

Picture it: Madison, Ohio 1982…ok that might just be taking it a little too far back. Let’s start with something more recent. I am a mother with three kiddos of my own. My oldest is now driving (I know, I know…) and the youngest is in first grade. I’m engaged to a guy who brought with him two more boys for me to claim as my own and just in case you like numbers, that’s a grand total of 5 kids. I have lots of college debt but no degree. I worked many, many (too many to count) dead-end jobs just trying to pay SOME of the bills. Finally, I found a way to improve my financial outlook and gain pride at the same time. I took a free training program offered through a local non-profit in construction and my life immediately improved. I entered a registered apprenticeship program after that. Fast forward to today, I now run that same training program that I attended years ago.

When my parents decided to build a one story home, I bought the house I grew up in from them. How lucky am I that their new home is only about 1/4 mile away. A few things I’ve learned since moving ‘home’ are nothing beats surrounding yourself with those memories (They are a part of you and are the foundation of who you are.), moving to your childhood house is humbling, and old houses need lots of work. 🙂  

Now that we’re all up to speed with my background, let’s talk about why I began this blog.

I know what it’s like to be broke (all too well!)

I know how hard it is to raise babies, whether it’s 1 or 5!

I have a knack for creating and fixing things.

I love getting things for free or close to it. (Who doesn’t, right?!)

I will be sharing some DIY projects I’ve completed on my new/old home with you along with amazing deals I find. I will also tell you about the things I’ve been sent (for free) and how you can sign up to get them too.

This is the part where you grab a coffee, soda, or hard liquor and lock yourself in your room for a few minutes. 🙂